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    The NjRat trojan captures access data to infect your PC

    NjRat is the first remote access trojan that gives the attackers full remote access to an infected computer .This is not the case for this type of trojan. Security researchers say: “The malware has made itself, compensating for various hacking tools and other installers that it turns into Trojans.” Other hackers have also been targeting the loud cybereason analysis for years of experience.

    The analysis revealed approximately 1000 njRat samples, which are fast leaving and downloading. It can be heard that a large number of people have been infected by these campaigns; even if no other figures can be counted from the current one.

    Njrat In The Center

    The Trojan njrat is mainly used in this context. It is a remote access Trojan that has been active since 2013, which gives attackers full remote access to an infected computer. As the cybereason researchers go on to say, the campaign has been going on for a long time. They also assume that a large number of people have already been infected, even if no exact figures can be published at this time.

    The campaign ultimately allows the threat actors to have full access to the target computer and thus to carry out their own attacks such as DDoS attacks or the theft of sensitive data. The actors behind this campaign use different servers, some of which apparently go back to hacked blogs. Others seem to be part of the group’s existing infrastructure, as can be inferred from various host names and DNS data. Cybereason will continue to monitor developments. The prepared hacking tools are published on popular hacker forums in order to achieve the greatest possible spread success through marketing. If the tools are then used, the original hackers are given access to the systems hacked with the tools, as well as to captured access information and data.

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