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    Uncover And Disclose Security Problems Via Oneplus-Hackerone Initiatives

    Two initiatives are designed to better protect users from cyber threats. On the one hand, the new OnePlus Security offers security experts a bug bounty program that detects potential threats from OnePlus systems and communicates with the program. On the other hand, a partnership with the security platform HackerOne enables access to its extensive network of security experts who track down security gaps before these can be exploited by external actors.

    OnePlus Security

    The global OnePlus Security will work with scientists and security experts to uncover disclose and correct problems that could compromise the security of OnePlus systems. They are intended to help counter potential external threats to user security. Security researchers from around the world can use the new bounty program to proactively search for and report on OnePlus related security problems. Rewards for qualified reports range from 50 to 5,000 dollars depending on the potential impact of the threat.

    Standardized Security Gaps

    OnePlus encourages interested security experts to visit the manufacturer’s official website and learn about the terms of the program. Here you can find a standardized form with which security gaps can be reported. Alternatively, threats can be reported via the OnePlus apps and the community forums. The submitted information will then be checked by experts so that a patch can be made available as soon as possible.

    According to the NextWeb, hackers earned around 500,000 euros on HackerOne. This is a bug bounty platform that connects companies with hackers. The large cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is reportedly the second largest bounty donor and awarded the equivalent of around 250,000 euros. Tron is the third largest bounty donor and according to reports, donated the equivalent of around 70,000 euros this year. Almost five percent of all bounties awarded on the platform were related to blockchain vulnerabilities. The average price in the blockchain industry this year was the equivalent of around 1,250 euros.

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