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    The Key To A Strong Cloud Security

    The cloud offers countless advantages that hardly any company can do without today. However, if you decide to move to the cloud, you should first deal with one topic in advance: security. Most people think of appropriate software solutions first.

    Cloud Security

    Data Breaches Are Part Of Everyday Life In The Cloud Environment

    Vulnerable systems, insecure user interfaces and APIs can also lead to significant data loss. In fact, the level of security in the cloud is very much related to these factors. Bugs in cloud programs also pose a security risk in many cases. The biggest challenge at the moment when migrating to the cloud is that developers often lack the expertise to keep track of the current state of development in the cloud and the associated risks. Incorrect configurations play an equally important role with regard to data breaches, as does inadequate identity and access management. Fortunately, a number of best practices have now been established that IT teams can use to provide a high level of security in their cloud environment. Control and data management are among the most important factors.

    Solid Strategies For Cloud Security

    At the beginning of a solid strategy for cloud security is the right control of the cloud architecture. Cloud security controls provide protection against security gaps and cyber attacks. By implementing the right controls, the necessary foundation of measures, procedures and guidelines for the environment is created. The range of control elements extends from defense and corrective measures to preventive and protective measures.

    Transparency also plays a crucial role when it comes to security in the cloud. Teams need to keep track of all apps and services that are used. Likewise about user activity. They also need to be able to identify sensitive data in the cloud and ensure that it stays in the right place. The threat situation for cloud users is changing almost daily. The key to a strong cloud security strategy therefore lies in the implementation of suitable control mechanisms and in strong data management; supplemented by effective cloud security solutions.


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