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    Facebook is Secretly Using Your Camera

    Some users have claimed that Facebook is Secretly Using Your Camera 

    Facebook is yet again in a middle of a controversy involving privacy.

    Some users claimed that while they are surfing on the app, Facebook quietly opens their camera in the background.

    When the users click on an image to make it full screen and then return it to normal, the app slightly shifts to the right, and the users can see from the empty space in the left that their camera is now activated.

    The issue caught the attention of other Facebook users, and if its not a bug, it could be a huge scandal for Facebook. Although some users tried to recreate the issue, they have failed. Which leads users to think its just a bug in the app because its not recreatable on the same type of device by a different user.

    Joshua Maddux, who is the initial finder of the bug said that he was able to recreate the issue on at least 5 different devices that was running on the latest iOS update.

    He claimed that although iPhones using iOS 12 doesn’t show the camera being used, that doesn’t mean it is not activated.

    After turning off the access to the camera for Facebook, users reported that  instead of showing the camera the space in the left side of the screen just turned into a blank space afterwards.

    No Android users have reported a bug similar to this, so people think its only exclusive to iPhones.

    After Facebook got a hold of this controversy, they quickly released a statement saying its just a bug, and the camera didn’t capture anything since it was only in preview mode. They released a patched version for the iPhones which has already rolled out.

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