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    Facebook shares and receives data from WhatsApp users

    As part of the Facebook company, WhatsApp receives data from other Facebook companies and also shares data with other companies. This must be approved under the new terms of use – by February 8th at the latest. So far, it has been possible to forbid the transfer of information. According to Facebook, the sharing of the information serves the security and integrity of all Facebook servers and is intended to combat threats, misuse and rights.

    A further source also says that the data is shared in order to help, provide, improve and support the market services. The Facebook companies not only include the well known networks but also the Onavo application, which has been discussed for snooping. Meanwhile, the US Trade Commission is examining whether Facebook prevented competition by buying WhatsApp.

    WhatsApp changes its protection guidelines and asks users for their consent since February. It’s all about this. Anyone who currently opens WhatsApp will see a pop-up window in which the messenger informs about the update of its terms of use. The window can initially be clicked away with “not now”. However, users must agree to the new guidelines by February 8th at the latest. Otherwise you can no longer use WhatsApp.

    If you use WhatsApp you should have received a notification this week, explaining the changes

    What Happens To The Data?

    Facebook uses the data available to us to provide our services. With the information, the group would seem to want more about how users use their services and offers from advertising. As a result, Facebook could improve the services, make suggestions and specialize functions and content to users.

    Zuckerberg has made it his goal to integrate his companies platform more closely. It is used when Facebook is increasingly being targeted by authorities for its market stands and business practices. A few weeks ago, the FTC filed a lawsuit against Facebook. Among other things, they want to force the company to part with purchased apps such Whatsapp. A stronger link between them, as it is now also expressed in the new WhatsApp guidelines, could make this more difficult.

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