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    iOS 14 could result in Apple being faced with new security problems

    A pre-release version of iOS 14 appeared in the hacking and lugging scene months ago. Since then, there have been fresh details from the code of the new mobile operating system for the iPhone, which was only officially planned for autumn.

    How exactly the developer variant was able to escape from the internet was not known. Based on sources familiar with the situation, the leak might already have occurred in December, at least the operating system dates to this period. The software spread online in February. Apparently, sources from the community managed to get an iPhone 11 on which iOS 14 was already running at the time. It was actually intended for Apple developers. China originated where sellers offered it for thousands of dollars. The internal build of iOS 14 was then extracted from the iPhone 11 and distributed among jailbreaking experts and security researchers.

    The iPhone 11, on which iOS 14 was installed, is believed to have been rooted. This made it easy to extract the operating system. That makes it easy to make a literal copy. It was the very first time that an iOS version was leaked so many months in advance. Then a developer beta and later a public beta would have been published. Both have been adjusted for details of new products, which of course was not the case with the internal version, which was released earlier.

    All of this is reminiscent of leaks, when details about the iPhone X were leaked in advance, was accidentally released via the iOS 14 version itself. But back then, an internal build hadn’t escaped half a year in advance, which makes the current affair significantly worse.

    Discover Security Gaps In Advance

    The leaked iOS 14 code could also result in Apple being faced with new security problems. Security experts from all over the world, including those who do not report gaps to the company and sell them to governments are in the process of analyzing the code and checking for bugs.

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