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    iPhone jailbreak tool unlocks the iPhone operating systems

    Apple has always made it difficult to jailbreak its iOS. This allows users to install the software they want on the locked device. However, on Saturday, it was reported that the jailbreaking team Unc0ver has released a iPhone jailbreak tool that can be used to unlock all versions of iOS.

    This Jailbreak Does Not Contain User Data

    The hacking team called Unc0ver found that the jailbreak is very stable and doesn’t affect battery life or even prevent the use of other Apple services like iCloud and Apple Pay. They also said that the company’s user privacy features are actually preserved and iOS security is not being undermined.The main developer of Unc0ver said: “This jailbreak basically only adds exceptions to the existing rules. It only allows reading new jailbreak files and parts of the file system that do not contain user data.”

    Even researchers who tested the jailbreak prior to its release said that after some early public reactions to the tool, it works the way it was released. However, the entire community still needs to fully review and evaluate the jailbreak tool or the team’s claims regarding the security measures, as it is not open source, which makes analysis difficult. The jailbreaking of iOS was largely ended with the release of iOS 9. At this point, Apple introduced a new kernel security feature and other iOS protection initiatives.

    The recent Unc0ver jailbreak is the first tool based on a so called patchday vulnerability. No patch that will block the jailbreak will be released in the next few days. This is due to the kernel error of the iOS, which is the heart of the operating system program. Independent iOS security researchers estimate that Apple will need at least two to three weeks to prepare an update unless they have independently found the bug and are in the process of patching it. Apple has not returned a request comment.

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