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    Apple has just patched the recent iOS 13.5.1 jailbreak

    Okay, so remember when a group of hackers launched a “jailbreak” that could get into Apple’s iPhone system? The bad news just dropped for them as Apple has patched the jailbreak. It’s about time.

    Apple has stood up to the challenge and has repeatedly proven why they are unbeatable in their software security; as they have patched a security leak that allowed jailbreak to gain access to their iPhone software.

    The term “jailbreaking” implies gaining access to otherwise restricted parts of the iPhone Operating system. These restrictions are put in place by the technology giants to narrow the possibilities of a hack; as well as improve the overall security of the device.

    The jailbreakers in their defense have explained that the app allows iPhone users liberty to customize their devices just like the Android users have.

    In a security advisory, Apple gave credit to the unc0ver team to discover the vulnerability in the iPhone software and certify that the vulnerability has been rectified. Apple takes proactive measures to curb any vulnerability and hinder future exploits by malevolent hackers.

    Albeit, details of the vulnerability are not yet public; Apple typically works quickly to patch vulnerabilities that allow jailbreaks, fearing that malicious hackers could also abuse the same vulnerability.

    Security experts have advised against the use of jailbreakers warning that it renders a user’s device vulnerable to attacks.

    In addition to the bug fixes, the iOS 13.5.1. also comes with Memoji stickers and other enhancements.

    One of the jailbreakers, who goes by the twitter handle @Pwn20wnd, has affirmed that updating to iOS 13.5.1. cancels the probability of a hack.

    His tweet reads, “I can confirm the new *OS updates have patched the kernel vulnerability used by the #unc0ver jailbreak. If you are on iOS 13.5, stay and save blobs. If you are not on iOS 13.5, update to it with the IPSW using a computer while it is still being signed and save blobs.”

    Kudos to the tech giants for curbing this vulnerability.


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