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    Apple’s iOS update and the VPN connection do not work properly

    The next major update for iOS was released a few days ago. In addition to a universal purchase option, as Apple calls the option to buy an app bundle for mobile and desktop, the new software provides mouse and trackpad support for iPads as well as many other innovations.

    Current iOS versions are currently struggling with a faulty VPN function in which certain parts of the data stream are transmitted unencrypted due to old connections. Apple is said to be working on a fix. It is said to have found that the iOS version and the activated VPN connection does not fully handle the data traffic, which in turn leads to insecure connections. Attackers could thus read out the real IP address. Further tapping of user data is also to be feared. The experts see a particular threat to people in countries where surveillance and violations of civil rights are common.

    Apple Is Working On A Solution

    Apple is already working on a solution. According to the experts, users can only help themselves to establish a VPN connection to a server and switch to flight mode. This will initially interrupt all connections. Then the flight mode must be deactivated again and the VPN connection established again. In contrast, simply closing the individual apps should not be sufficient.

    Previous Connections Still Open

    The reason for the security vulnerability is said to be a lack of termination, which may keep connections open for minutes or even hours. This ensures that after activation of the VPN connection, data is still transmitted over the unsecured lines. This affects push notifications, which in most cases were active before the VPN tunnel. But other services can also be at risk. However, newly established connections should not be affected, but this cannot be checked by the user.

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