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    Judge issues injunction against WeChat

    The US government wanted to take action against the app WeChat. A judge stood sideways. The app should disappear from the platforms in the USA and also lose most of its functionality. Several million users in the United States use WeChat, to keep in touch with relatives and friends. The US government warns that Chinese authorities could gain access to data. WeChat rejects this.

    The lawsuit has raised serious questions about freedom of expression. The judge came to the conclusion that an injunction is justified because WeChat would suffer too much damage, while the operator could still prevail in the main proceedings. The judge ruled after a lawsuit by WeChat users against the actions. Above all, she argued that stopping WeChat users would deprive users of a c communication and thus violate their constitutional right to freedom of speech. The plaintiffs have shown that there is no adequate alternative. An injunction is justified because the immediate damage would be too great, even if the main proceedings were in favor of WeChat and the users. The government, however, was unable to convince them that a complete ban was the only way to allay the security concerns.

    WeChat users

    On Friday, Washington announced that it would block the downloading of TikTok and WeChat. The ministry said the China had shown its intention to use these online services to threaten national security, foreign policy and the economy of the United States. The operator WeChat rejects this.

    Judge Does Not Consider Sanctions To Be Justified

    The judge ruled after a lawsuit by WeChat users against the actions of the government. Above all, she argued that stopping WeChat would deprive users of a communication and thus violate the freedom.

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