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    Telegram messenger a disaster in terms of privacy

    Telegram messenger is becoming more and more a secure chat with privacy in certain circles. But even very simple reports, which everyone can carry out themselves, show that using the service is almost completely accessible.

    The app delivers everything you type to the Telegram messenger, even before you send it. And this server then visits and delivers it to the application on the phone using the IT security.

    Access From The Telegram App Appeared In The Log Files

    If you open the Telegram chat in a private browser window – There you have to register with your number. Then Telegram will send you a login password with a six digits. Before you type it into your browser, however, you switch the phone to flight mode so that it can no longer send any information. If you then enter the password in the browser, a page opens with all of your chats.

    The Telegram server visited my “secret” web page even before I had sent the message with the URL.

    Where do you think this information is coming from? Not from your phone. Because that is in flight mode without a connection. And before you have identified yourself with the password, the browser must never have received your information. There is only one possibility: The content of the chats comes from the server that your browser is talking to. So this server has access to all your chats. It even contains the previously but not yet sent message. And of course Telegram not only stores the chats, but those of all users.

    Everything that users write is stored at Telegram and delivered when required. Telegram has some secret chats that are protected from being read by others. But they are so well hidden that most Telegram users don’t even know them. In addition, these secret chats come with some restrictions. They cannot be used for groups and can only be used on one device.

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