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    The largest US mobile operator Verizon is getting its own video conferencing provider

    Tech company Verizon announced last Thursday that they would take over the cloud based video conferencing event platform BlueJeans. Verizon wants to benefit from the video conferencing in the corona crisis and buys the provider BlueJeans. The service used by many large companies should be merged with the other Verizon offers, the group said on Thursday. A purchase price was not mentioned.

    Long Term Benefit In Video Chats

    The use of video conferencing has increased dramatically in recent weeks. The BlueJeans competitor Zoom got the most attention. On the one hand, many private individuals were also using the service that was originally intended for companies. Secondly, because various security gaps in Zoom and data protection problems were discovered. Experts believe that the long term effects of the coronavirus crisis could be that companies replace video travel with more business trips. Bluejeans cloud-based video service currently serves a wide range of business segments, from small organizations to some of the largest multinational brands in the world, and has been instrumental in enabling these companies to continue working from home during the ongoing wave of work.

    Verizon Could Become More Attractive For Users

    The purchase could prove to be a smart move in the course of the currently growing popularity of video conference apps and software. The acquisition could make BlueJeans a serious competitor for the video chat tool Zoom, which has seen enormous growth in users in the past few weeks as a result of the corona crisis. With this, significant security deficiencies were repeatedly known, which could lead to users looking for a safe alternative. For example, Google is also trying to become more attractive for users with a new layout for its own video conference tool.


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