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    Twitter changed its rules for dealing with hacked data

    On Friday night, access to Twitter was disconnected for about two hours. The Chief Engineer announced that the reason was a rebuild in the platform system.

    As soon as the service was available again, Twitter announced important changes in content. After the controversy surrounding about Joe Biden, the company wants to revise its rules for dealing with data stolen by cyber criminals. In the future, such data would only be blocked in cases in which it is published by the hackers, said Twitter. Twitter did not allow users to publish or send any more links to the subject and initially justified this with rules for the stolen data. Twitter later pointed out that the alleged mails depicted in the article contained unveiled mails.

    Twitter was wrong to block weblinks to an unverified political story, CEO Jack Dorsey said on Friday, as the company responded to criticism over its handling of the story that had prompted cries of censorship from the right.


    The Authenticity Of The Mails Has Not Been Confirmed

    It is also questionable how the mails found their way to the public. According to the Section, in simple terms, services are not held liable for data published by users. At the same time, it gives them extensive freedom to take action against certain data or users with a kind of domiciliary right. The regulation has significantly shaped today’s online world.

    Content Could Be Disseminated

    Online services like Twitter are under pressure ahead of the US election to take action against false contents. Observers also fear that content captured by cyber criminals could be disseminated in order to influence the outcome of the election. Before the last presidential election, emails allegedly captured by foreign hackers were published by the opponent party. That hurt Hillary Clinton, who later lost the election. The authorities accuse Russia of interfering in favor of Trump, wanting to harm Biden this year.

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