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    Twitter confirmed to bring back account verification

    Twitter is bringing back verifications for the account verification in the beginning of 2021. Certain users will then be given a control mark again, which means that their data and their tweets are reliable. Governments, companies and celebrities are particularly hacked.

    Not Comprehensive Enough

    Account verification have a high priority on the internet, but so far they have not been widespread enough to stop the spread of fake news. Only a fraction of the accounts are marked accordingly. Users do not only trust such news. Those who share misinformation the most , are often on the move in the private business.

    New Guidelines For Accounts

    According to the proposed new rules, an account is relevant to the public interest. The accounts are not allowed to disseminate data that fails control, and they are not allowed to post any content that discriminates against people based on gender, health issues or their age. In addition, verified users are not allowed to have an account lock due to rule violations in the past few months, unless they have successfully challenged this. Twitter wants feedback from users about the new guidelines. The social media also promises new ways of identity such as different accounts. According to Twitter, further changes will follow in 2021. At the moment, the company wants to deal with fake news. The labeling of false news runs the risk of being understood by followers and readers as a predicate. The decision of what falls under free speech and what should be made invisible or deleted should not be made by a private companies according to its own rules.

    account verification

    A few months ago, Twitter expanded its definition of harmful data. This included data that violates the instructions  for worldwide health information. Twitter claims to have deleted more than 1000 tweets with misleading news within two weeks.

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