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    Twitter deleted more than 70,000 QAnon accounts

    Since Friday, Twitter has permanently deleted more than 70,000 accounts, the majority of which were used for spreading QAnon. Twitter is responding to the coup attempt in Washington, last Wednesday. Often individual users had set up several such accounts, so that the increase of users affected is lower.

    On Monday morning, the police guarded the entrance to the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. The occasion calls were in a Trump forum in front of the building against the exclusion of the president from Twitter. A woman answered the call and then stood on the sidewalk with a self-painted sign.

    Trump’s Twitter had already been permanently cancelled over the weekend. Supporters of the elected president stormed the seat of the Congress on Wednesday and caused trouble there for hours. A Trump supporter was shot dead by police and an officer succumbed to injuries sustained during the riot the day after. Supporters of the QAnon movement claim that Trump is in a secret war against a left-liberal cult. Twitter had already deleted ten thousands of QAnon accounts before the presidential election, which Trump then lost to Biden.


    QAnon Followers Spread Conspiracy

    When supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol, QAnon supporters were also involved according to initial findings. QAnon is a conspiracy that came from forums and is based on cryptic signs from an alleged insider.  With deep state is meant a secret collaboration between politicians, secret service and the employees.

    Trump’s false claims about alleged votes were also picked up in the scene and spun on. The Q can be found on flags and banners at many of the rallies. Trump has so far refrained from distancing himself from the movement. In 2020 he said: “I understand that you like me very much, which I appreciate.”

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