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    What do the citizens think about the warning app?

    Every third citizen in most European countries over the age of 18 claims to have installed the federal government’s corona warning app on their mobile phone. Another 20 percent want to install them probably in the future. A good half of the adult citizens are positive or at least open minded about the warning app launched around two months ago. On the other hand, almost 45 percent expressly do not want to install the app in the future, even though they are familiar with it.

    Social Media Behaviour During Corona

    This is shown by a current study by the research and consulting institutes in Germany and England. Around 1,500 citizens between the ages of 18 and 65 using mobile telephones were asked at the end of July about the use of the Corona warning app and their social media behavior in times of corona. In particular, there was a lack of instructions for warning messages and information on how the warning app works, as well as information on data protection and the assumption of costs for follow up processes in the event of a warning.

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    There Is Still A High Need For Right Data Information

    Overall, the study shows that there is still a high need for information about how the Corona warning app works and how it is used by the population. Health insurers could play a much more active role than before. Many members even expressly expect this, regardless of their age or gender. In addition, it is important to clear up the still widespread misunderstandings about the Corona warning app: For example, a third of the German citizens surveyed are of the wrong opinion that the app would record the personal whereabouts of the users and track personal data and compliance with the Corona distance rules.

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