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    Cloudflare: Defending Against 3.4 Billion Unwanted Emails in 2023

    Cloudflare protected users from a staggering 3.4 billion unwanted emails last year. That amounts to a daunting 9.3 million emails per day, 6,500 per minute, and a staggering 108 per second. This remarkable feat demonstrates Cloudflare’s unwavering commitment to internet security.

    The increase in blocked emails from the previous year’s 2.4 billion underscores the growing threat of spam, malicious emails, and bulk messages. These unwanted emails can contain harmful links that are increasingly difficult to detect, posing serious risks to individuals and businesses alike.

    Cloudflare’s efforts to combat these threats have been significant, with the company accounting for over a quarter of all processed online messages. The rise in customer numbers played a role in this increase, representing 42% of the surge in unwanted emails. This highlights the scale of the challenge in the email security landscape.

    One key indicator of email legitimacy is the Top-Level Domain (TLD) used. Cloudflare’s research revealed that recently introduced generic TLDs, including those related to the beauty industry, were often associated with spam and malicious attacks. TLDs like .uno, .sbs, and .beauty, introduced since 2014, were flagged as spam or malicious in 95% of cases.

    Despite the dominance of .com, which accounts for 67% of spam and malicious emails, newer TLDs like .shop are gaining prominence. Introduced in 2016, .shop has quickly risen to become the second-largest domain in terms of volume, illustrating the evolving tactics of cybercriminals.

    The allure of generic TLDs lies in their ability to create domain names that appear legitimate or mimic well-known brands. Combined with factors like anonymous registration and low cost, these TLDs present a significant challenge for security systems.

    Cloudflare’s vigilance in combating unwanted emails is commendable, but the evolving tactics of cybercriminals require constant innovation and adaptation. As new TLDs and methods emerge, Cloudflare remains at the forefront of internet security, ensuring a safer online experience for all.

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