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    Facebook’s social media accounts were temporarily taken over by OurMine hackers

    The hacking group OurMine has managed to bring various social media accounts from Facebook under their control at short time. As Facebook reports, the hacker group was able to access official company accounts. These are the two main accounts and the two accounts for Messenger on Twitter and Instagram. OurMine used the accounts to advertise their own website. Here the hacker group offers services to improve the security of online accounts. In addition, a contact email was deposited.

    How the hacker group was able to take over Facebook accounts is unclear. Access is said to have been made possible via a third-party tool. OurMine was able to post content on behalf of the social media company over a period of around 30 minutes. During this time, Facebook continuously tried to remove the posts. The accounts are now owned by Facebook again and have been completely restored.

    Facebook OurMine hackers

    Several Accounts Hacked

    OurMine hit the headlines just last week when numerous Twitter accounts were captured by NFL teams. The hacker group previously offered security services to the NFL, but were refused. In addition, OurMine is said to have been responsible for numerous other attacks on social media accounts a few years ago. Posts were sent on behalf of Facebook. According to a report by NBC News, OurMine is said to have held back for 3 years and only started operating again in January.

    OurMine Claims Its Attacks Are An Attempt To Uncover Cyber Vulnerabilities

    The group released a statement on Facebook’s Twitter account. The Facebook and Messenger accounts on Instagram were also hijacked to publish a photo of the OurMine logo. Facebook’s own website was not hacked. Twitter has confirmed that the hacking process was performed by a third party and that accounts were blocked as soon as the problem was notified. “As soon as we were informed of the problem, we blocked the affected accounts and worked closely with our Facebook partners to restore them”.

    OurMine is a Dubai-based hacking group that has attacked corporate and high profile accounts in the past. In the past, it infiltrated Twitter founders social media account, some CEO’S and corporate accounts from Netflix. The group claims that its attacks are designed for lack of security. However, it also instructs victims to use their services to improve security measures.

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