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    Identity Theft And The Consequences

    It could be so easy to find your dream job on the internet on a renowned job portal, your qualifications match the job perfectly and the best thing: you can also start from home. That sounds almost too good to be true. Not always, but more and more often there is actually a catch. Fraudsters have discovered job hunting as a way to anonymously get information, such as your name, from applicants and use it illegally.

    Identity theft is the name of this new scam, in which job advertisements on the Internet are used as bait to get the data and names of applicants and thereby make money with the information. Either to the detriment of third parties in the event of a sale, but always to the detriment of the applicant whose documents are misused.

    identity theft

    Identity Theft In Steps

    The first step is a promising job advertisement. Fraudsters use this form as bait, which as many applicants fall for due to the good conditions. This step is the basis, because applicants do a lot for a really good job. The nasty thing is: the better the job sounds, the less you want to believe that it is actually a fake.

    In the second step you send off your application. The job advertisements ask for your details such as address, date of birth etc. You will quickly receive positive feedback. However, since a large number of applicants have registered, it is important that you verify your identity in order to get the job. If this does not happen within a period of time, the offer expires. To confirm your identity, you need to send pictures of your identity card to the company. In addition, in some cases you will be asked to participate in a video identification process via the Internet. This procedure is usually used to open an account with a bank. In video chat you have to hold your ID documents in the camera. With an account in your name, you can apply for credit and make money transfers without your approval. The amounts are always as high as the credit line allows. You will only find out about this from reminders from your bank.

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