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    Privacy Issues On Smart TV Digital Life

    Protecting your own privacy in everyday digital life is difficult. At least since the presence of the mobile internet thanks to smartphones and the associated rapid spread of digital services. The spread of personal information has become increasingly difficult to control.

    Your streaming stick knows you and your TV knows more about you than you might like. Because the providers you stream through want it that way, starting with Amazon’s Fire TV. Find out now what you need to do to protect your privacy from your Smart TV.

    smart TV privacy

    Your Smart TV knows exactly what you’re looking at, but much more. From Amazon TV to Roku, Samsung and LG, almost everyone is there. As you watch TV, the TV looks back. However, while most modern devices don’t keep an eye on you with cameras, most smart TV software platforms follow what you do behind the scenes. Your data is required for this. In addition, more and more personalized advertising ensures that the costs of buying a TV or a streaming stick remain relatively low.

    Automatic Content Recognition Tool

    This is software that recognizes the pictures on your Smart TV, regardless of whether they come from your PlayStation, an app or the HDMI port.

    Samsung’s Smart TVs use the ACR software when they recommend content or advertisements. The company also collects status information on the television when problems are diagnosed or to improve products. So the TV knows a lot about you. To protect your TV ; Go to “Settings” mode, select “Support” and click to “Terms & Policy”. Select “View Information Services” and turn off the “I Agree” section. Streaming sticks also collect a lot of data about your viewing behavior and your other activities. This corrects errors and personalizes advertisements. In the end, this also allegedly depresses costs. If you don’t want this, you should make a few settings on your Smart TV.

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