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    Trump’s Smartphone Access Request To Apple

    The US president calls for the technology giant to give the authorities access to smartphones from potential criminals. But Apple countered the allegations. However, the company refuses to provide authorities with access to encrypted phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. Trump’s request to those responsible for the company: “You must now face the challenge and help our great country!” After the FBI and US Attorneys request to Apple on Monday to unlock the iPhones of an assassin, US President Donald Trump has now intervened.

    Smartphone Access

    The Public Attention Increased

    Back doors can also be misused by those who threaten the national security and the customers data security. Investigators also have access to more data today than ever before. Apple preferred to be sued by the FBI after a 2015 attack rather than writing software to unlock iPhones. At the time, the investigators said they got into the device with the help of an external service provider and dropped the complaint. Someone had given the authorities the access code for the device, which is why Apple’s help is no longer needed according to  a letter to the relevant court in Brooklyn. On Thursday evening, the iPhone was accessed. The New York process had received a lot of public attention. At the end of February, the responsible judge ruled that Apple could not be forced to participate in such processes on the basis of an 18th century law. The Ministry of Justice had appealed against this decision.

    FBI Gets Data

    According to some tech websites, Apple has declined to comment on Trump’s comments. However, the company emphasizes that it already had a wide selection of information leaked to the FBI in December, including backups stored in iCloud or communication data on various accounts.

    According to the New York Times, Apple does not understand why the authorities are not turning to external helpers again this time. The tech company therefore assumes internally that the government is not so much concerned with decrypting the smartphones, but rather with a fundamental discussion about encryption and back doors for authorities. New York Times states that Apple is already preparing for a lawsuit internally.

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