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    Sextortion Emails and Porn Scams Emerge Again

     In recent times we have witnessed the high insurgence of sextortion emails. A porn scam email or sextortion email is all about receiving email from nowhere or from cybercriminals alerting you to that they have implanted malware on your system and as such have been able to troll you and have access to your online activities.

    These dubious entities go-ahead to allege that they took a screenshot of you surfing a porn site with a video recorded from your webcam. They will allege of putting together the screenshots and the footage taken from your webcam to produce an embarrassing video which they claim will be shared with your friends and family. The blackmail will now start with them asking you to pay about $1,500 – $4500 in Bitcoin to a certain BTC Address or else they will go ahead with their earlier threat. The truth of the matter is that the said video doesn’t exist, it just a way of these crooks preying on unsuspecting members of the society.

    Why you shouldn’t believe them

    As already pointed out by some of the experts, if such a video or short clip is in existence, a little part of it would have been included in the sextortion emails sent out. So as they do not have proof they will just invent random proof that might have nothing to do with your system. So don’t fall for it.

    What to do about this

    As stated earlier, there are all scam emails, just mere fabrications to scare you to quickly send money to them. Even when some victims don’t watch porn or have a webcam, they may feel scared. Our simple piece of advice is that you just delete such emails and move away from it.  You can alert your family and friends to delete such emails immediately to avoid their computer being implanted with malware too.


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