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    A new text bomb is currently affecting the iPhone and iPad

    Remote attackers can temporarily paralyze iPhones and iPads by transmitting certain characters. If the string is received as a message, the device usually freezes first and can then get into a crash loop. This is apparently made possible by a new bug in Apple’s API core text bomb, which is responsible for the text display.(including Sindhi language text) An attempt to display the characters results in a crash.

    Apple Is Expected To Release A Software To Fix The Problem

    The biggest problem with these errors is that there is no way to prevent the device from malfunctioning. Apple is expected to release a software update to fix the bug. Until then, users should not to open notifications with such characters.

    Which app is used to transmit the string seems to be irrelevant, the crash is reportedly triggered with all common messaging services and social media apps. Telegram groups are currently considered to be the origin, but the method has long been spread via social media. Individual users also report crashes on Macs and Apple Watches. Sometimes applications crash and in some cases are no longer usable, sometimes devices crash or restart, sometimes they get stuck in a restart loop. There is currently another text bomb in circulation and the current iOS versions are susceptible to it.

    A Forced Restart Can Help If The iPhone Is In The Crash Loop

    There may be a freeze after booting as soon as the system tries to display the message. Here you should try another forced restart. On newer iPhones, you have to briefly press the volume up key, then the volume down key one after the other to force the restart and then hold down the side key on the opposite side for a longer time.


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