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    Adobe Bridge and Illustrator are vulnerable to all versions of Windows platforms

    Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Bridge and the online shop software Magento contain vulnerabilities classified as critical. Adobe provides security updates for the Illustrator drawing program, the platform Magento and the free image management Bridge. All three programs have weaknesses that Adobe considers critical. The update closes 15 gaps in Bridge and another five in Illustrator.

    According to the security bulletin published on Tuesday, thirteen flaws in all have been reported, all but one affecting all supported versions of Magento, the popular e-commerce platform.

    Adobe Has Released Patches And Updates That Should Be Installed Quickly

    Serious errors in memory handling mean that an attacker could inject arbitrary code and execute it with user rights. An update to version 24.1.2 can help. The open source online shop software Magento, which Adobe acquired two years ago, is available in different editions with different version numbers. Versions also use different software architectures. Adobe still has more than 10 vulnerabilities in common, including classified as critical. Any code could also be introduced and executed here. Virtually all versions of the Magento system have several critical security holes that allow attackers to execute any commands in the system. If you are still using the older version, you should note that this version will only be supported until June 2020. Migration to the current version should now be tackled very quickly. However, it should be noted that it is not easy to upgrade.

    The update for Adobe is available for Windows and macOS to fix a vulnerability up to the new version. The update has been available since April 15th. Adobe Bridge also shows vulnerabilities in older versions, which were closed with an update of the respective software.

    Adobe claims that they are not aware of any active attacks. Nevertheless, users should update as soon as possible in view of the severity and the large number of gaps.

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