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    Is there a neglected gap in Docker registry source security?

    With Docker, applications in containers can be operated in isolation, which considerably simplify the provision of applications and data transport. However, container security is often neglected. Too many companies treat these separately from the cloud.

    Therefore, experts believe that it is extremely important for security officers to understand the inherent connection between the public cloud and containers. Even if companies no longer have to deal with operating system dependencies thanks to container technology, modern computing still presents IT managers with new challenges, especially with regard to security.

    Docker security

    If you consider the security of containers and clouds separately, you will get into risks that would be countered by an optimally integrated strategy. For example, selective container security products are of no use if containers are accessive to a new vulnerability. However, extensive safety knowledge changes the risk equation dramatically. Security professionals can only fix this vulnerability if they have complete knowledge of the stack. However, if container security is only viewed in isolation from the rest of the cloud, this can have fatal consequences.

    Given the percentage that 90 percent of companies will deploy containers this year, networkers believe it is important to consider them part of a holistic cloud security strategy. The specialist for network security therefore advise to set a clear goal for the security team in an initial optimization step. After all, this should know what needs to be achieved. The goal could be something like: The safe use of containers through a combination of developer training, agreed security standards, automated enforcement of best practices and close integration with native APIs from cloud providers. Companies are encouraged to take a holistic approach that involve people, processes and technologies, rather than simply buying another security tool.

    The Market Is Confusing

    In order to be able to use Docker and applications in containers sensibly for the operation of a complex application, it is essential to interconnect several containers and to manage the resulting cluster. The market in this area is still very confusing. You need a variety of small tools that only enable stable operation when combined.

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