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    Patch Management: The 7 Top Tips For Security Pros

    Patch management challenges are worse now since the switch to remote work and new issues have been created too.  Security pros reveal best practices and insights on this. Recently, patch management has been a struggle for security and IT teams. These teams which were already bowing to pressure to use fixes when released and also produce strong content or programs. Presently, the struggle has doubled since the massive switch to remote workforces organizations to rethink patching strategies.

    Stephen Boyer, CTO, and Co-founder at BitSight say, “it is a huge struggle suddenly now.” Businesses used to be confronted with the protection of 2000 workers across 3-4 offices. But presently, businesses need to do the same for the 2000 employees’ home offices.  A lot of people are working with home routers on their personal devices. But they hardly configure properly on networks that the corporation can manage.

    Data gathered indicates that home networks give more significant security risks than the enterprise network. He went further to state that with findings from BitSight,” 45% of remote office networks have recognized malware than corporate networks that is just 13%”.

    Boyer explained that people are using networks that corporations are no longer controlling or managing. This is true because those who own corporate devices are using them in workplaces that are widely different. Different from the inside of the corporate environment.

    This new trend of working remotely will always create several technological environments that most security pros and IT personnel are not conversant with. So the need for creating diverse configurations on different endpoints has put new strains on teams. All the same experts in patch and vulnerability management are sharing their tips for security and IT professionals fighting to patch thoroughly during this pandemic.

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