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    Security leak in Chrome speech recognition component

    What exactly makes the Chrome security leak susceptible to external attacks is still covered in detail by Google. However, it is clear that a vulnerability has been addressed in the speech recognition feature. To be able to surf the internet without this vulnerability, you have to install the browser in the latest version, which is now available for download for computers with Windows and Linux. Google has already triggered the update wave for Android devices, and it will soon follow for iOS.

    Restart Your Browser Once For The Software Update

    Now Google has started to provide an update for the Chrome browser, which at first glance does not seem particularly large. Unlike other days, the provision of a single security patch is part of the software update. Google closes a security hole that bears the characteristic critical.

    An automated update process will start on all affected devices over the next few days. A small icon in the top right corner of the browser window prompts you to install the latest browser generation. You can start the download manually on your PC by clicking on the three menu items next to your profile picture, selecting the Help menu item and then clicking Google Chrome. Then the download of the latest available Chrome version starts. You must then restart your browser once for the software update to take effect.

    This market power is important for Google on the one hand to collect user data. As a result, Google can continuously optimize its own services and focus them on user interests. At the same time, the high market share is also a potential threat to global security. Because a dangerous security hole appears in Chrome security leak, millions of users are at risk of being attacked or spied on by hackers.

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