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    Users of the Edison mail app had external emails in their inbox

    The Edison mail client is available for the iOS mobile operating systems and the desktop operating system MacOS. However, instead of synchronizing their own accounts across many devices, users gained access to the accounts of strangers and did not even have to enter the necessary data with the associated password. The developer explained that the incident was a bug and not the result of a security problem.

    The Update Was Withdrawn Shortly After The First Reports From Users

    Affected users contacted the software manufacturer on social media accounts.A foreign iPhone had full access to emails and the accounts of users. After updating and activating the synchronization function, another user had access to an email account that was not his one. The developer replied that they were working on a solution. The new update caused a problem in Edison Mail that only affected a small amount of users.

    Security researchers have recently discovered a serious vulnerability in the Apple iOS mail app, which is already being exploited and in which only the receipt of a manipulated email in the background should be sufficient to remove the mailbox data. The experts warn against the use of Apple’s own mail client, which has still not been provided with a security update for the entire period. Apple itself sees no danger in the existing gaps.

    Edison Mail Has Not Yet Explained The Problem

    Apple users who have deactivated Apple’s e-mail client due to the security warning and switched to Edison Mail to access the electronic mail, should change the passwords of the e-mail accounts used in Edison Mail and on possible abnormalities check or contact the software manufacturer. Edison Software has not yet explained exactly what led to incorrect access to third-party email accounts.

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