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    Youtube warns channel that gave instructions on identifying security vulnerabilities

    It is not known exactly how long hacking and phishing instructions have been included in the content that YouTube classifies as harmful or dangerous. There is currently a notice on the English language version of Youtube policy page that more examples have been added that violate the video platform’s policy. The tweet revealed a first case for hacking videos. According to Youtube, other harmful and dangerous content includes videos that show the use or manufacture of hard drugs, idealize eating disorders or provide instructions on how to kill and injure. But there are exceptions.

    When Is A Video Allowed For Educational Purposes?

    Videos created primarily for educational, scientific, or artistic purposes do not fall into the category. At the request, a YouTube spokesman confirmed that the channel was marked by mistake from zero bytes and was now functional again. There are so many videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong decision, the spokesman continued.

    Youtube channel vulnerabilities

    But where is the limit? It can often be difficult to assess whether a hacking video is primarily for guiding people to crime or giving them the knowledge to make systems more secure. The person concerned expressed concern on Twitter that people who explain IT security could no longer do this on YouTube. Other users wondered whether videos from hacker conferences should also be removed.

    There Are Problems With Youtube’s Content Policy In Other Areas As Well

    In the past, it repeatedly tightened the rules when dealing with content. Since January, the video platform has stopped suggesting content on conspiracy theories on overview pages. No more advertising revenue should flow to the channel operators for videos of vaccination opponents. YouTube is responding to allegations that it is not doing enough against problems such as hate speech, misinformation and terrorist content. Critics fear that the stricter rules increase the risk of over blocking. So that too many videos would be deleted or channels blocked, even if they were legitimate.

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