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    5G will increase the cyber attacks in 2021

    5G ransomware attacks will more often target IoT devices and thus important business companies if the ransom is not paid.

    Threat From Increasing Ransomware Activities

    With the 5G, the use of IoT devices continues to grow and they are increasingly connected to critical networks. Stricter laws for IoT security are needed, but most likely will not come into the short term. Due to the financial situation as a result of the pandemic, companies have fewer economic resources and are less willing to pay the ransom after an attack. Cyber ​​attackers adapt their working strategies accordingly and target their activities so that the ransom can be felt even more clearly if the required ransom is not paid. Due to weak points in IoT apps, they focus on business networks and devices.


    Discussions About Liability

    Experts say that there are significant risks that a hacker attack will be possible in 2021. This can be a deliberate act. Experts expect cybersecurity to be higher the coming year.

    Comprehensive Tests Of Behavioral Patterns

    In 2021, hackers will delve even deeper into the lives and behavior of their target people, creating even more compelling phishing. Through public data on the  social media, they will check the targeted victim closely. Areas such as friendships, business relationships  are meticulously worked out so that the attacker can create a picture of the behavior of his target person. Based on this, an effective way to mislead this victim can be found.

    Cybercrime Influences Branding Methods

    Protecting the brand’s reputation is an important task for marketing teams. This is much more complicated than it used to be. Cyber ​​attackers abuse well known brands on a large scale. For example, through fake pages and dubious advertisements that mislead unsuspecting users into hacker attacks.

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