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    Software providers are still overwhelmed with the security of IoT devices in 2020

    Total global IoT security spending was last year almost 2 million dollars. The trend for the coming years is clearly growing up. Given the growing crime in this area, companies should act urgently.

    Regardless of whether dangerous backdoors in networks, a misconfiguration in a telecom router that leaked patient data or attacks on telephones, printers and video decoders by the state motivated hacker groups – the topic of security caused attention around the world. The fatal thing about it, is not just the sheer number of attacks, but the fact that manipulations of networked devices often go undetected. Around half of all companies are unable to detect security breaches on IoT devices at all. Ultimately, this is not surprising. Consider, the case of a commercially available network camera that fatally has standard user credentials. If an attacker gains access to the camera via this security hole and thus spies on premises or business secrets, how should those responsible notice this promptly?

    20 Percent Of Companies Have Been Affected By At Least One Iot Based Attack

    However, IoT crime is increasing, because security has been one of the biggest weaknesses in the cyber world. Even if the IoT is no longer in its infancy, this problem has remained. For manufacturers of IoT devices, the most important thing is the cheapest possible development and fast time market, which means that an effective review potential vulnerabilities are continuously neglected. The weekly headlines about IoT leaks are a good reflection of this situation, regardless of whether it concerns attacks on routers, wireless radio connections or intelligent devices. The potential target area is extremely diverse. Almost 20 percent of companies have been affected by at least one IoT based attack in the past three years.

    We cannot rely on the rationality of manufacturers and developers alone. That is why the state and industry associations are in demand here. You finally have to understand that the IoT is one of the weakest links in the IT infrastructure and that cybercriminals have become a focus of attention in recent years.

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