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    Big frustration among the GTA 5 online players worldwide

    GTA 5 is currently available free of charge in the Epic Games Store. Hackers are now making a real comeback in multiplayer mode. This causes great frustration among the honest players as they denounce on social networks.

    Why Cheaters Currently Have Free Access?

    It’s nothing new that cheaters can become a nuisance in Grand Theft Auto 5’s multiplayer mode. However, Rockstar Games got the hackers  a bit under control. With the free campaign in the Epic Games Store, this measure is no longer so daunting. Since cheaters no longer have to spend real money in their hands to play GTA 5, they are currently flooding the servers of GTA Online.

    Hackers were on the move within GTA Online, spawning endless servers to crash.  Now there is a discussion about when the situation in GTA Online could relax so that as many players as possible can enjoy the virtual gangster life.

    Players complain that a large number of hackers and cheaters are currently hanging around in GTA Online, making gaming practically impossible. So not only hackers caused server problems on the weekend, but also took away the fun of many players. Finally, GTA 5 is still available for free until the end of May in the Epic Games Store for the PC. If there is something free, it also attracts those who contribute little to the fun of the game. In the case of GTA Online, the hackers and cheaters are of course again meant. According to various user entries, these are flooding the servers of GTA Online.

    Many games have a cheat problem, but GTA 5 was offered free of charge. Banned players just have to create a new account, start the game again and can happily continue as if nothing had happened. It is questionable whether the situation will ease again. The servers are full of hackers and cheaters and they won’t go away anytime soon.

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