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    Supercomputers in Europe have been targeted by hackers

    Several supercomputers in Europe are said to have been victims of hacking in the past weeks and months. The corresponding high performance centers are currently offline due to security incidents. Almost 10 supercomputers were attacked by unknown persons in European countries.

    Serious Security Incidents

    To be on the safe side, experts isolated the affected computers from the outside world. The operators informed users of the bwUniCluster 2.0 high performance computers by email that there had been a serious security incident. There are also indications of how the hackers could have gained access to the systems. The attack worked there via a hijacked user account. These accesses are usually secured using encryptions. The attackers are said to have managed to gain root privileges. Subsequently, further access data should have been tapped.

    The operators of the high performance data center in Scotland expect an attack on research centers across Europe. The Scots had turned on the National Cybersecurity Center. They assumed that the research had been affected.

    It is not yet clear whether and which data in addition to the access data could have been tapped. The investigations are still ongoing. It is currently said that research data is unlikely to be stolen. Nothing is known about the motivation of the perpetrators either. They are said to have been interested in research data for the coronavirus. However, the attacks are said to have taken place in January. Also, not all of the attacked systems should research the corona virus at all. It is possible that the attackers tried to misuse the computing power for crypto miners. Mine cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins. In addition, general research results could also have been of interest to the attackers. Reliable statements about the target or origin of the hackers are currently not possible.

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