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    Contactless payment increased during the Corona crisis

    Since the Corona crisis, cards or smartphones have been taken out of the pocket. Respondents are currently trying to avoid cash payments as often as possible.

    There is hardly a pattern of behavior that Corona has changed as much as paying with cash. Contactless payment with a card or smartphone is not only hygienic, it is also quick and secure. All retailers, restaurants and cafés should enable their customers to make contactless payments. Bitkom has therefore been working for a long time to ensure that at least one electronic payment method is offered at every point of sale, which ideally can also be used contactlessly.

    The Broad Desire For More Contactless Payment Runs Across The Generations

    75 percent of 16 to 30 year olds, 70 percent of 30 to 50 year olds support a corresponding expansion. Even among seniors who are over 65, a clear majority of 60 percent would like more contactless payment options. The corona related reluctance to use cash also extends across all age groups.

    Contactless payment is possible with all credit cards that have an NFC chip. In addition, money can be transferred contactlessly with a smartphone or a smartwatch via Google Pay or banking apps such as mobile payments from the savings banks. Most banks are now cooperating with these service providers. The customer must hold the card or device close to the point of contact at the point of sale.

    There are a variety of payment methods, all of which are authorized. The customer should be free to choose which payment option he would like to use.The basis of the information is a survey conducted by Bitkom on behalf of the digital association. In April 2020, thousands of people in Europe were interviewed who were over 16. The survey is representative. The question was “Please tell me to what extent the following statements about shopping behavior apply to you or your environment or not” with the statements “I try to avoid payments with cash as often as possible” and “I would give myself more options wish to pay contactless”.

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