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    Coronavirus Conspiracy Inspires Near Fatal Reactions

    There has been a coronavirus conspiracy theory connecting the spread to the 5G network. Since then, arsonists have been attacking mobile phone masts in the UK concerning these conspiracies.

    WIRED divulges data that claims dozens of attacks have happened in at least the last two weeks. The misguided public is targeting not just infrastructure but valuable staff with the opinion that they are spreading the virus. The incidents then go from widescale and extravagant to measures as inexpensive as a broadband engineer getting spit at in the face. The member of staff is now virus carrier suspect.

    From the date the 30th of March, There have been 77 arson attacks on mobile phone masts in the UK. Worst of all with staff calling in 180 reports of abuse. There were fewer attacks in the first week of May. But this can’t compare to the apex that they scaled in April.

    Attacks on staff date back to the 1st of April and posted on social media sites. News of this conspiracy and attacks have spread rapidly online, popping up on sites like YouTube and Facebook repeatedly. A number of celebrities also bought into the news posting it on their social media platforms and commanding a rush.

    Openreach engineers have been exposed to great risks as the populace in its ignorance is taking extreme measures to protect itself from ” danger”. Some of the videos of the vicious attacks on the engineers and staff have been taken down, but there is still enough left to create a buzz.

    Enlightenment through Social Media

    Twitter allows people who are following the conspiracy to read facts with its new feature in hopes of enlightenment. Also posting videos across YouTube, hoping to achieve the same purpose.

    The industry deeply troubles its figures as the coronavirus conspiracy theories and their almost fatal effects have continued to grow online. Likewise in the real world despite a widespread and concerted effort at containing and extinguishing it.

    Senior staff at Openreach have shown concern for the engineers getting harassed and have shown particular interest in the death of these conspiracies.

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