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    Credit card details and phone numbers of Israeli citizens were published on internet

    Hackers recently released the credit card details and phone numbers of several hundred Israeli citizens. The information that was stolen and published on the internet by the Anonymous1islamic group is still available to everyone online.

    A review of the data by an Israeli cyber security company revealed that the information that was discovered in May is out of date, but rather was collected during previous cyber attacks on Israelis. Thousands of Israeli corporate and school websites were hit by hackers on Thursday.

    Messages in English and Hebrew, which were shown on the affected pages, called for the destruction of Israel. The hacked websites could be a response to a cyber attack in Iran attributed to Israel that paralyzed a port last week. Iran is said to have previously tried to sabotage the water supply system in Israel. Iran and Israel repeatedly accuse each other of cyberattacks.

    The release of the data could be an answer to Israel’s discussion of annexation,including that such cyberattacks will increase as much as the question of the expansion of Israel’s sovereignty.

    Data theft was discovered in the wake of reports of an escalating cyber war between Iran and Israel. On April 25th, computers that control an Israeli water pumping station were hacked. Reportedly from Iran in an attempt to raise the chlorine level in the country’s water supply to dangerous levels. Tehran denies involvement in the hacker attack on the Israeli pumping station, but blames Jerusalem for the attack on the port computer system.

    Many cyber criminals are trying to take advantage of the fragile situation. Regional vice president of IT security manufacturer of Israel: Healthcare organizations are constantly exposed to cyberattacks ranging from targeted phishing and custom ransomware incidents to malware and botnets.

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