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    A brand new cyber security tool to detect BIOS attacks released by Dell

    A new cyber-security tool to detect BIOS attacks has been released by Dell for its commercial customers. The recently released tool will help to guard users’ computers against sophisticated and stealthy cyber-attacks which aim at compromising their BIOS.

    The new endpoint security “ safeBIOS events & indicators of attack (IoA) is a behavior-based threat discovery system that tells the users when there are unexpected changes to the BIOS  system of their computers. The Basic input-output system (BIOS) is a small but great program that deals with critical operations and begins one’s computer before passing it over to the operating system.

    Reasons for securing the Bios program include:

    • Allowing changes on the BIOS settings can lead to enabling malicious software to begin during the booting process
    • To avoid hackers gaining access to the BIOS, and taking stealthily control of the targeted computer and accessing all the data stored in the system
    • Because attacks on the BIOS is difficult to detect on time since these attacks will be invisible to security software or the Antivirus stored in the computer
    • Sophisticated attacks can laterally move throughout the infrastructure if they have good access to one of the compromised computers in an enterprise IT network.

    So with the release of this cyber-security tool to detect BIOS attack by dell, this will quickly prevent the risk of BIOS being attacked as alerts will be sent out early to users. This will enable computers to be quarantine as early as possible. it is of great essence that organization have the ability to detect malicious hacking on time

    So safeBIOS is the fighter providing ability to create indicators of an attack on BIOS configurations. It also brings about changes and perfect events that can alert when there’s an exploit. This software is present for only Dell commercial computers, excited, aren’t you?

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