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    Cyber threats become more dangerous to secure the digitization

    The pandemic has provided a boost to digital world. But now it is important to secure it. Examples of developments in the pandemic are the use of one’s own PC at work, short term conferences or home office with a laptop. Much has been implemented spontaneously in the past few months. Cyber threats often played a subordinate role.

    In the acute situation, many understand that. However, after a lot has worked out, it is important to make this period sustainable and safe. If we do not do this, we will feel the consequences in a few weeks or months. Anyone who wants to continue to benefit from digitization should not make it too easy for hackers.

    Cyber threats

    Thousands Of New Malware Variants Every Day

    According to the assessment of the cyber researchers, the current Cyber threats situation is still at risk by cyber attacks, which is used in ever new variants and with sometimes new ways. The number of malware now exceeds with 350,000 new ones being added every day. Emotet, which is described as the most dangerous malware in the world for two years, is still dangerous. The hackers also threaten to sell or publish the information to interested parties. This increases the pressure on the victim to comply with ransom demands.

    Companies of all sizes are infected by malware attacks. Manufacturers and their suppliers have been attacked, as have airports and airlines. Small and medium sized companies, which are described by unique selling points such as special components were also victims. The softwares were rated by experts as particularly dangerous because they target the security components of the systems. This could lead to the destruction of entire networks, warned the IT companies, which checked the system after the cyber attacks.

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