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    Donald Trump’s website was briefly hacked

    Donald Trump’s campaign page was briefly hacked. On Tuesday evening the person in charge of the events said: This page has been executed. The world has had enough of the fake news. A week before the US election – Donald Trump’s website was hacked. The previously unknown hackers revised the page and requested a cryptocurrency.

    The alleged cyber attackers demanded the amount of cryptocurrency for compromising data about Trump, which also made the incident look like an attempted ransomware. After a few minutes however, the statements and allegations disappeared and the Donald Trump’s website was back to normal.

    A screenshot shows a message posted Tuesday, October 27, 2020, to the campaign website for President Donald Trump by apparent hackers.

    The Background Was Initially Unclear

    Trump’s election team confirmed the cyber attack in the evening. They are working with law enforcement agencies to find the hackers, a statement said. Data was not in danger because it was not stored on the site. According to some news agencies, the national security initially did not want to comment on the incident. Unknown perpetrators hacked the president’s website. After that, they asked for quite a bit of money in a certain cryptocurrency so that they could open the page again. So far no money seems to have changed hands because the website is still unusable. However, it was not a regular vote, instead the hackers demanded the cryptocurrency, which made the incident look like a ransomware case. Those who wanted to take part in the vote had the chance of sending the cryptocurrency to different addresses.

    Search For Hackers Is Ongoing

    This was followed by unsubstantiated allegations against the US government and against the president individually. The message temporarily appeared on the website “This page has been confiscated. The world has had enough of the fake news that Trump spreads daily.” According to campaign director, the website was quickly restored. After a few minutes, the statements and allegations disappeared and the page was loaded back to normal.

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