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    Federal officials arrested a suspected member of the Fin7 hacker group

    The US authorities recently arrested another member of the FIN7 hacking group, which is said to have caused over 1 billion dollar in total damage.

    The Group Is Known For Collecting Data From Payment Cards

    It is gratifying that the ongoing investigation by the US law enforcement agencies against the FIN7 group has led to another arrest. FireEye has been monitoring the group since 2015. It has been responsible for a number of the most publicly targeted, financially motivated attacks in recent years.

    The group is known for using the backdoor to collect data from payment cards. It is important to note that we do not equate every use of this exploit with FIN7 and have even observed in recent years how the group has varied its malware code and attack techniques. If you read Fireeye’s report, it sounds like admiration for the enormously creative approaches of the hackers. They were always one step ahead of the researchers, again and again they managed to undermine discovery mechanisms. Unlike many hackers who made use of other people’s tools, Fin7 also seems to have developed its attack programs itself.

    Organized crime usually has no hackers in mind. But compared to the hacker group Fin7, even the most famous ones seemed easier. The group is said to have made at least 50 million a month with cyber attacks on restaurant chains, banks and many other companies – monthly. The extreme organization and the clever attack methods even impressed the investigators.

    Highly Complex Attacks

    Fin7 was more capable than bluntly luring individual citizens into a trap. This is shown by the findings of the security company FireEye. Since at least 2015, hackers have been targeting hundreds of companies in Europe, the United States and increasingly Asia, gaining access to the system and exempting the companies and their customers.They are extremely creative. Unlike traditional phishing attacks, each attack is tailored to the customer, an approach known as spear phishing. The emails are tailored to get employees to click on manipulated attachments. You can read the indictment in full below.

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