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    Further increase in attempted identity attacks

    At the beginning of the year, the security researchers forecast a further increase in attempted cyber activities on the internet. Deepfakes in particular are becoming increasingly popular. In the future, companies will therefore have to resort to optional verification ways for identity.

    Identity Hack On The Rise

    As transactions moved online due to the pandemic, identity is becoming a major issue in all industries. In the past twelve months, the average rate of identity in some European countries has increased by 25 % compared to the previous year. There’s no question that Corona has fueled a massive spike in identity hack attempts, with industries like financial providers disproportionately affected. Knowing that personal data is easy to find on internet and available for sale, database audits are no longer useful in this escalating environment. The use of very important identity verification, such as document authentication, ensures that companies can significantly reduce the risk for their company and their customers. Methods include more identity verification to combat more cyber attacks. Companies need to be aware that improvements in technologies will go hand in hand with smarter attacks. Let’s discuss the types of identity attacks that are most likely to impact your organization.


    One of the downsides that companies face after a digital transformation is the increase in attempted fraud. In 2021, a huge number of consumers will switch to online providers, be it shopping, healthcare, education, visiting or working remotely. Experts experienced a foretaste of attempted fraud last year to virtual environments.

    In addition, quantum devices will have a huge impact on how we think about secure access. When quantum devices become part of everyday life, certain types of encryption and thus authentication will no longer be necessary. Public Key Infrastructure is then no longer considered secure. Companies will need to be quick to update their identity and access technology in the future.

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