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    Cyber attackers are aware of online shopping at Christmas time

    Christmas is just around the corner and thus the most important and popular selling time in online shops. Most of the citizens bought Christmas gifts online, as the online world associations explain. The ongoing pandemic will probably give the online shops another advantage.

    Cyber Attackers Are Also Aware Of This

    Hackers use the pre-Christmas shopping spree of many consumers to do their own business. The IT security experts warn against so-called fake shops: online websites that look deceptively real, but cheat their customers with missing goods or other deals. There are features and regulations that can be used to identify fake websites: Before shopping in an online shop, consumers can and should provide the actual website, the encryption of the website and the payment deals offered. View the evaluation of other consumers and the certificates used by the website.


    Control The Website And Encryption

    Cyber ​​attackers often use online addresses that are reminiscent of existing and reputable online shops, but differ in information. For example, the domain could be exploited by cyber attackers.

    Encryption Alone Does Not Secure A Reputable Web Shop

    Cyber attackers could also be behind it with free SSL, which are issued without any closer check of the domain to be protected or the domain owner. Quality seals such as trusted shops are only given to providers whose shops have been controlled accordingly. If it is a  seal of approval, a corresponding certificate can be found in the website.

    Read Reviews From Other Customers

    The subject of ratings is closely related to seals. But be careful: not every review comes from customers: it happens that fake reviews are supposed to make a shop look better than it is. Or that the competition rates badly in order to damage the image. So it’s better not to rely on a source of evaluation. Shops with check seals can be controlled for ratings by the seal provider.

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