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    Hackers have already cracked the iOS 13.5 operating system

    The final update to iOS 13.5 is just a few days old and hackers have already announced that they have cracked the system. With unc0ver version, they want to publish a jailbreak tool shortly, with which all iPhones that have installed the current operating system can be released from the Apple corset. This is made possible by a vulnerability discovered by another hacker that can be exploited for the jailbreak.

    The jailbreak is said to be based on a zero day vulnerability in the kernel, which is said to have been discovered by the iOS 13.5 hacker Pwn2Ownd. Every publication of a jailbreak always means that there is at least one vulnerability to be classified as critical in iOS 13.5, which would also allow an attacker to inject malicious code and execute it with extended rights in order to gain complete control over an iPhone.

    With A Jailbreak, You Can Undo The Official Apple Restrictions

    You can install software outside of the official app store and to get functions that Apple has not previously planned. In the early days of the iPhone, when Apple still limited the functionality of its smartphone and the abundance of apps were not yet available in the official store, jail breaks were extremely popular. Even Apple watched the community’s activities closely and implemented many of the most popular features themselves.

    Release Not Yet Known Exactly

    It is not yet known when exactly the new tool will be released. Final stability tests are currently being carried out. Users who carry out such a jailbreak risk that they may not unlock their device as a result of this, render it unusable. In addition, potential damage from a jailbreak is of course not covered by the guarantee or the legal guarantee.

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