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    Hackers paralyzed the GWG servers

    The computer networks have been attacked by cyber criminals, in order to unlock them again the company has to pay a ransom. That is exactly what happened to GWG servers in Germany. One week ago, on the night of November 12th, cyber attackers attacked the GWG’s computer network. A large part of the IT was encrypted during the attack and servers on hard drives are also affected. The result: GWG employees have no longer been able to access the network since Thursday.

    According to GWG, the attack took place using a ransomware. As GWG announced on Wednesday, it was a “highly dangerous attack with the aim of blocking the victim”. In return, the cyber attackers claimed that they would decrypt the networks.

    Hackers have apparently paralyzed the GWG and are blackmailing the company

    The GWG Has Filed A Complaint

    According to its own statement, the company currently assumes that it can restore the essential information sets with its own employees and providers. They are in close contact with the teams specializing in cybercrime. In how many days access to networks will be possible again is still the subject of the investigation.

    Ransomware Demand On GWG

    The GWG has commissioned one of the providers qualified by the Federal Office  to carry out a comprehensive data check and to support the company in restarting and restoring the networks. The GWG servers will maintain ongoing business activites as far as possible. The GWG employees can still be reached by calling their tenants and their business co workers. The caretakers are still on site and take care of the tenants concerns. The investigators do not provide any data about the demands made on the GWG. In addition to the police, the Federal office is entrusted with the case.

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