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    Hungarian banks were the target of a massive DDoS attack

    Several banks and the Hungarian Telekom have been the target of a cyber attack. The attacks are said to have come in several waves last week, as has only now been announced. Some financial institutions have experienced disruptions and have had to suspend parts of their services in the meantime. The Telekom was partly overloaded due to the increased traffic and was therefore not accessible. However, the attack could be averted.

    The event was a DDoS attack, a cyber attack in which hackers attempt to flood a network with high traffic in order to hack it.

    The Largest Cyber Attack In Hungary

    According to Telekom, the waves of servers came from China and Russia. The volume of the attack is said to have been ten times higher than with conventional attacks. This means that this was one of the largest cyber attacks in Hungary, both in its size and in its complexity. Several banks confirm that the disruptions also caused problems for the banks. However, they were able to counter the attacks together and after a relatively short time everything went smoothly again.

    Hungarian Telekom

    Russian and Chinese hackers have tried to launch an attack against Hungarian institutions, but they have also tried to break through Telekom’s networks. The attack, which took place in waves, disrupted the services of some of the country’s banks and caused Hungarian Telekom services to fail in certain parts of the capital before being rejected by the company. Until then, the Telekom network had also been disrupted in certain areas of Budapest. Hackers tried to overload a network with unusually data.

    According to earlier communications, Moscow proposed to resume dialogue with Europe on cybersecurity. A week ago, Foreign Minister told to an agency that many hacker attacks have been registered in Russia. According to the Hungarian research center, the institute was attacked by hackers while it was working on the corona vaccine.

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