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    macOS Trojans: Traces lead to Vietnam

    Security researchers have discovered a new macOS Trojans. Behind this could be a well known hacker group that has spied on Vietnamese dissidents in Europe. Trend Micro has discovered a previously unknown macOS Trojans. Because of the similarities in the malware’s behavior, the company’s security researchers assume that the Trojan was developed by a hacker group known in security circles.

    Ocean Lotus is said to have spied on companies and private individuals in the past. According to Trend Micro research, the company deliberately spied on Vietnamese dissidents living in Europe in the past. Some car manufacturers are also said to have been a target of the cyber group in the past. Since the group selects targets in which the Vietnamese government is interested for financial reasons, many experts assume that Ocean Lotus is a government hacking network.

    macOS Trojans

    This Is How The New Mac Trojan Works

    According to data from Ocean Lotus, the Trojan is distributed as a file disguised as a Word file. When the file is executed, a document opens actually. At the same time however, a shell script is also executed, whereby the Trojan gets onto the Mac. The software then embeds itself in the network as a permanent back door. After installation, the malware transmits data about the hacked network to take care of a server. With the server, the creators of the malware can delete files, upload files to the hacked PC and execute them.

    Security researchers are also expected to promote their macOS Home Security. In addition, it must be noted that there are significantly fewer malwares for macOS than for Android. However, research and other security companies show that even Mac users are not spared from cyber attackers.

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