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    Mitsubishi Electric Corp. was the victim of a delicate cyber attack

    Japanese companies are among the global market leaders in many technical areas. It is not surprising that there is great interest in the developments. For this reason, cyberattacks are not necessarily something unusual. Hackers are believed to break through the security system of Mitsubishi Electric Corporations and steal data from a missile.

    The hacking attack is a high speed system that moves irregularly and is therefore difficult to intercept. Data on the prototype is manufactured, which the government requested during the tender process. It was probably stolen. Mitsubishi did not win the tender, which is why the cyber attack was not produced. Nevertheless, it is valuable information.

    The company itself is one of Japan’s main companies in the defense and infrastructure industry. The ministry determined that the missile information will not be classified as its development capabilities change. However, it instructed the company to handle the data with care anyway. Japan is very interested in the type of missile.

    Two years ago, a study was conducted on them to strengthen the defense of remote islands. The country wants to strengthen security in the regions, especially with regard to China’s expansion of the military and its aggressive approach. The companies also have ties to the Japanese defense. It has not yet been confirmed whether data leaks also occurred. The company said on Monday that sensitive data might have been stolen during the first cyber attack on the arms industry in Japan. Some system information, such as IP addresses has leaked. It could not rule out that further data had been stolen.

    The components for rockets and nuclear power plants are affected by the hacker attack. Virus contamination was found on around 80 computers at the company’s headquarters and in manufacturing, research and development facilities.

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