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    Nando fell victim to a hacker attack

    Nando customers have complained that they lost thousands of pounds after a cyber attack to their accounts. They say their usernames and passwords were stolen and used in the chicken chain. Fans of the famous restaurant chain say their accounts, including usernames have been compromised and used to place incredibly high orders.

    The hackers used the passwords to eat extra hot wings, a chicken butterfly, half a chicken plus a few garlic breads and chips that were washed down with soft drinks. The pandemic measures mean that Nando’s customers have to scan a code with their phone and order online. The crooks are believed to have used a method known as credential filling, which involves stealing accounts available online and using them to hack into victims other accounts.

    The first order amounted to £53.75

    Nando Apologized And Said They Would Repay Everyone

    “Protecting our customers data is incredibly important to us” said Nando.“We can confirm that, while our networks were not hacked, some personal Nando customer accounts were unfortunately accessed by one or more parties using a method called credentials that included email and the customer log in data that has been stolen from another place, to access your Nando’s accounts. Nando is taking immediate response to reimburse those hacked and to secure the accounts.

    Nursing student Ragan Burrows lost £133 to hackers

    Hackers have broken into the network of Nando in search of customer information. In an illegal data leak, strangers searched many databases for customer detail, the company reported.

    The login information stored in the system, such as names and emails of customers were affected. The company announced that credit card data was not used in these cyber attack. Nando announced that the security gap in the databases had been fixed and that QR code protection was solved again.

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