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    The US accuses Russian officers of being in charge for cyber attacks

    The US government has brought charges against Russians who are alleged to have been involved in various cyber attacks as officers of the military intelligence. According to the recent published indictment, the men are also accused of activities on other countries. The charges have now become public.

    Harsh Accusations Against Russia

    ”No state has turned its cyber activities into a weapon in a disgraceful manner,” says the prosecutor from USA, who is in charge for security. The country willfully cause unprecedented damage in order to gain small advantages. “No nation will regain importance if it does so. The new allegations of a cyber activity aimed at meddling are a further step in discrediting Russia.

    In the indictment, the investigators from USA make it clear what skills they have and what insight they have into the cyber attacks of the alleged criminals by name. For an attack on ministries, they planned the malware used in such a way that it refers to some television shows and they celebrated the devastating activity internally. Great Britain adds that the accused also prepared cyber plans on the Olympic Games in Tokyo before they were postponed.

    cyber attacks
    US and UK officials also accused Russians of a hack of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea [File: Jae C Hong/AP Photo]
    Researchers have long agreed that the hackers are based in Russia. The ascription of being in charge for Olympic Destroyer is also not insignificant, the malware is full of apparently wrong tracks. The so called attribution has been made more difficult, but the US also has unparalleled information. With the indictment and the cases, the investigators now certainly want to prove their drive; it seems impossible that the defendants will actually stand trial in the USA. Justice Department officials did not comment on why the indictment was presented right now, two weeks before the presidential election.

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