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    North Korea regime captures several billion dollars on cyber attacks

    North Korea has highly trained computer specialists. In the past, young North Koreans were initially trained in the country itself. Then they would have sent the best to China to set up cyber criminals.

    Analysis show that half of all attacks come from North Korea. Specialists are trained here who later work in the military or in the government and are intended to ward off attacks from outside. There are certain patterns and methods that allow this conclusion to be drawn. And mostly that can be traced back to China, which is typical of the attacks from North Korea.

    The Nature Of The Attacks Has Changed Significantly In The Past

    In the past, hackers were primarily concerned with paralyzing institutions in order to show their weakness on the one hand and to demonstrate their own skills on the other. It has now become organized crime.

    Hackers Are Also Concerned With Sensitive Data

    Experts assume up to 5000 attacks per year, there are no precise statistics. From this point of view, North Korea wants above all to get money. The head of news of the Korea Risk Group media has been dealing with hacking for years. Attackers are also increasingly concerned with data. In the case of espionage attacks, the hacker groups tried to get as much sensitive data as possible, partly because the North Korean secret service can do something with it directly. On the other hand, this data could then be used to plan new attacks. The hackers sometimes pretend to be high ranking employees of institutions, gain confidence and then hypocritically ask for a file to be downloaded. These attacks are often much cheaper because people can trick people much faster and create security gaps.

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